Why to Seek the Truth?

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Tuesday 16 October 2018, by Matthieu Giroux

We do not know why there is life. If life is a material’s organization, we do not know why society is organized. The why is therefore a question that directs our will to live.

Seeking the truth helps to find happiness. Our mind is satisfied with the truth. That’s how we were all designed. Those who repress the truth are unhappy. To seek the truth is to understand how the world works.

At the beginning we look for different truths. We are dissatisfied to switch from one to the other. Then we are interested in a truth that clashes our life because it challenges us. So we rise hypotheses while seeking our truth. Then, one day, our soul answers us. So, we ask questions to find the truth. We are looking for the truth through meditation and dialogue.

We are made to solve problems. To be afraid of problems is not to be prepared to find the solution. It’s normal to be afraid of problems. But seeking the truth makes it possible to quickly find the solutions, to no longer be afraid of others, by dialogue, meditating.

Intuition gives us knowledge. Sometimes she surprises us, if we listen. Intuition helps us to solve our truth’s research. It’s about using intuition to transform more easily. Answering his intuition can be fulfilled for his happiness and that of others.

So, sometimes, we wonder how we could, so easily, find a solution to such complex problems. God may have helped us.

So, we can temporarily reach the truth. We will have awakened his senses. Dialogue with others has transformed us. We are then Christ. The Holy Spirit can at this moment help us, for our cause, whose is in the truth. When the Holy Spirit leaves us, it remains a part of him in us, in our soul.

My Notes

Write the questions you have asked yourself or ask yourself?

Matthieu Giroux

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