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Finding Happiness

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Tuesday 16 October 2018, by Matthieu Giroux

To find happiness, you have to understand that your life serves to something. Indeed, life can not be risky. It is everywhere. There is no chaos on Earth. So that means that the Universe is ordering. In this regard, you can read the Jean Jaur├Ęs’ thesis, The Reality of the Sensitive World.

From the moment we say that our life serves to something, we are likely to find happiness. So it’s about strengthening that will understanding the world. It will be about of meditation, to link, so that our reason and our faith are connected. They speak to us.

So it will be about finding a superior belief, because everyone believes, that it is to the chaos, to the money, to the material, to his wife or his man, to God. The more we find a belief above others, the more it will bring our happiness, because if something is organized, there is a reason.

His belief will be, at first, hypotheses, to be confirmed. Then our soul will give us, then, a higher hypothesis, then other higher hypotheses, according to the unexplained links. So this will bring each time our happiness, joy or questioning around us. Then many do not believe that their life is useful, in crisis’ times. We will give them our happiness, what we understand. If we are not understood, it is about defining.

Doubt is allowed, but it must strengthen our faith. Indeed, if we no longer believe, then we no longer exist. That should mean that we do not think anything.

My Notes

Write on what I believe and do not believe. Review these notes later.

Matthieu Giroux

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