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God is explained with science. So here is that seems sure. It’s up to you to check if you can believe in God.

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Our Society Grows
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Article published on 15 October 2018

by Matthieu Giroux

The human society story is explained with various factors. First of all Homo sapiens, since birth, has been a social individual more and more creative and sensitive. The human’s creativity has been revealed while mastering nature revealing its powers. Understanding nature has allowed homo sapiens’s birth. When Africa was a great desert, the first 1000 homos sapiens controlled the tides, in the African beaches, to then repopulate Namibia, then, as and when, populate the planet, mastering fire.

When homo sapiens faces to seemingly insurmountable difficulty, Homo sapiens has this ability to gain an immense sensibility, either to cause him troubles, or to awaken in him a practical and cognitive creativity, allowing him to anticipate others and its environment.

Tidal control has created the human species. The prophets, known by the human race, have surely existed in a certain way. The writings also prophesied these humans. Indeed, this sensitive creativity awakens into some people the ability to think with others through dialogue. This dialogue, driven while a big problem is solved, which could have annihilated other homos sapiens less prepared, reveals each day a truth with the others. So these humans talk about faith in each other, because the dialogue with the people and the worst examples reinforce their ego, their creativity, and therefore their faith. We could also find the same dynamics among the great discoverers and scientists of humanity. For them, glory will not really be remembered, but we remember their words or writings, so that society grows, to do as well as the life’s creator.

There is also in the human that desire to go to the unknown, to discover it. The Asian is not afraid of differences. He married other human species more easily. Chinese calligraphy began our philosophical journey, especially with Confucius. The Native American has succeeded in diversifying human genes, discovering the most remote lands of Africa. Also the African has kept the largest genetic inheritance of humanity. He has this unbelievable faith in life, in society, in nature, in science, therefore, despite the hardships he has lived.

The white skin comes from the lack of sun. It can be said that today’s Africans like hot weather. The European and the Asian have created an advanced society, by the control of a difficult climate and a rich nature, difficult to control. The Greeks continued the human philosophical path of the Asians.

While transforming swamps into fields, Plato’s scientific reflection makes it possible, with Africans, to create a new paradigm, a human’s growth through a better life’s quality.

All animals are afraid of fire except the human. Here is creating human economy. Fire control has kept food longer. This gave more time to think. This made you want to always master nature. The ax allowed sedentariness and the first houses. Still, our ancestors spent a lot of time surviving, working a lot to get little.
Breeding and cultivation made it possible to create the first villages, with organized and specialized societies. After the biomass’ energy, the human then monopolizes the energy and the benefit of the breeding, to increase people, while providing less effort. It’s up to a society that respects its citizens to respect animals. Human society can only exist by the others’ advantage.

Then, the trade created writing, used at the beginning by the nobility to count. The association between individuals and societies has increased. These different technological stories can be summarized thus: The work’s economy through energy, linking elements, then humans, societies, nations.

The companies that best control the labor economy are also the most cultured, the richest. But educated leaders are often not as sensitive as their parents, having not had to solve big problems. This human society’s flaw then reveals our animal character. This flaw is solved with creative people, which is often small, because being creative demands to confront to the truth of others. If this population is harmed, a society or civilization is destroyed. If the creative population is increased or favored, great industrial and scientific leaps take place, whose the cause is due to the creative sensitivity’s growth, defying jealous lobbies or powers. This is how human society has always grown, writings keeping the gains.

The more the complementary people or the families will be close, the more the dialogue and the linking will be favored, the more there will be intelligible and material wealth, the more this dialogue and these linkings will allow realizing tools, or elaborating quality products. A society that understands this issue will grow very quickly. Big names will be created in the sensitive, creative and rebellious population. Thus a society, called empire, which will individualize, will be lost, because the human understands itself only through the bond and the dialogue. The links between ideas allow to link elements.

On 2016, there are still elements asking to reveal their powers. There are still subjects to create, more than we imagine. The human has this creativity that will allow his society to equal God, discovering the universe organizing.

My Notes

Read the books of Henry Charles Carey. Write to become an economist.

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