Why is there a God ?
Seeking the Truth

God is explained with science. So here is that seems sure. It’s up to you to check if you can believe in God.

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The last articles

Multiply !
Published on 1 September 2018

Against that is said with the media, it is possible to grow, to multiply. Unlike the direction of poverty engaged, we can easily grow. Indeed Japan creates vertical fields, or underground fields, with energy. China has chosen nuclear thorium. These powerplants stop on demand and recycle waste (...)

What Is the Devil ?
Published on 31 August 2018

According to some movies, the devil should be powerful. He should possess impure souls. The question we can ask ourselves is knowing why the devil exists. We can see that material is imperfect. But it grows the soul. But imperfect material means imperfect universe, therefore imperfect Souls, (...)

What is the Holy Spirit ?
Published on 30 August 2018
by Matthieu Giroux

The Holy Spirit changes life on Earth so that it grows better. Indeed, life can only be organized by souls, but it must be helped changing. Not everything is written automatically into atoms, as the theory of chaos would have us believe.

But the Holy Spirit is also an intuition. But our own (...)

Our Soul Grows
Published on 29 August 2018
by Matthieu Giroux

A soul is that organizes life. A soul is an imperfect life, except God’s soul, according to the Bible. Souls seems to be less and less perfect. It seems that our universe was created to choose the righteous souls. Our souls helped to push the devil out of the God’universe, the famous fair’s (...)

Life after Death
Published on 28 August 2018
by Matthieu Giroux

As explained, according to every religions, life is eternal. That is to say that life is recreated. She should be resurrected. Life creates new lives. The Buddhist religion thinks that our life is reincarnated in animals. Monotheistic religions speak of beyond, of a life elsewhere, after (...)