Our Soul Grows
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Article published on 29 August 2018

by Matthieu Giroux

A soul is that organizes life. A soul is an imperfect life, except God’s soul, according to the Bible. Souls seems to be less and less perfect. It seems that our universe was created to choose the righteous souls. Our souls helped to push the devil out of the God’universe, the famous fair’s paradise.

Our soul is like a newborn. She grows up with us. Indeed, it is often in conflict with our mind that can be simulated with robots. Bots do not understand the world of ideas with the higher hypothesis, encompassing a set of assumptions, superior hypothesis that is found through the soul. Our soul will be mature when it will become Holy. Otherwise she will be restored later or destroyed if she is sinful.

My Notes

Try to find a higher hypothesis linking hypotheses between them, by dialoguing and meditating.

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