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Is God composed with material ?

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Tuesday 4 September 2018 by Matthieu Giroux

We don’t know if God is composed with same material as ours, but it seems that the thing that composes God is different, since material is perfectible, that is to say that it is imperfect.

It seems that God has created a plant, our universe, that he has placed worlds in this plant. How? Only the exploration of the universe will tell about that. This imperfect plant, he intends to make it perfect, according to the Bible, by another universe, towards whose we go, according to Science. Material is imperfect. To make material perfect is to remove that emptiness that makes us, the nothingness of the mind, which tends to prevent us from growing according to our truth’s research. Thus the primitive elements brought should allow us to grow so perfect.

It seems, then, that God has created material from the universe that he has grabbed a perfect material, or that he has no need to act on our universe. Indeed, material requires to travel to space, while souls seem to easily change space. God contemplates our world, as if watching a film, on which he could act, as on a real game, whose he should create souls likely to join him.

God created the universe. He acts on our world, as he could act on another, because there is no notion of space in this universe. He knows that is happening in our universe because he can act on souls, help them, unless he has created a Holy Spirit by world, a soul growing each world. God, in any case, has the universe as an action’s place, an action he can only activate at a single moment, being himself a soul.

My Notes

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