Why is there a God ?
Seeking the Truth

God is explained with science. So here is that seems sure. It’s up to you to check if you can believe in God.

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Who Is God ?
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Article published on 5 September 2018

by Matthieu Giroux

Explaining God is also explaining why there is life in the universe. But before that, it’s about explaining physics. Let’s talk about gravity. Gravity acts in a vacuum. Indeed our planet is attracted by the sun. It turns around, thanks to a balance of forces. In the same way, our universe is attracted by another universe. That’s why our universe goes faster than the light’s speed. Yet, gravity is said to be a weak force. It still has the ability to act in a vacuum, so through another universe. We think that God is in this other universe. When you look at gravity, represented by an arrow pulling an object, you can tell yourself that gravity is a force that pulls objects from nothing. As a result, the vacuum pulls or pushes the objects to attract them to other objects.

In the same way that our universe is attracted to another universe, life needs a soul mate, the right leg needs the left leg, the soul needs other souls. We act according to the history of our parents and our country, to renew the souls. God needs to create souls, unless it is the universe that creates souls, but God, perhaps born by chance, acts on our universe, to create souls like him. Indeed, Jesus, whom has existed, according to history, explains that the human will be in the same room as God. Perhaps we are called to join the universe where God is. This is that Christians are taught. Christians bring the word of Christ, which nailed us every time we heard it. I will try to do that.

Gravity is an automatic force. It is thought that it does not need God to act. In the same way, atoms carry life in them. The atoms move to give the cells. The entanglement that exists in atoms works on the same principle as gravity, within atoms only. Entanglement is the fact that one part of an atom changes its value according to another part of the atom, without time constraint. The interior of an atom acts without time constraint. Gravity also acts without time constraint. It is thought that God also acts without time constraint, apart from ours. Our universe is related to the universe of God. However, entanglement brings results different from gravity, whose created quantum physics, that is opposed to relativity. The theory of everything tries to bring together the two theories. Formulas try to create this new theory. However, it is the authors’ approach that allows us to move forward. God is one. But souls like ours will probably join this other universe where there is God, to surely help God. God surely uses the capacity of the universe to create life. According to Jesus, some souls are left and others are used. Jesus explained that only God chose the souls he kept.

My Notes

If you do not understand God, then try to understand why there is life. This is a truth-seeking process.

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