Why is there a God ?
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God is explained with science. So here is that seems sure. It’s up to you to check if you can believe in God.

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The First Life
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Article published on 14 September 2018

by Matthieu Giroux

When we wonder why there is life, then question comes about the first life. As our universe is imperfect, the first life must remain. Then it was able to grow, since life is present everywhere in this world.

Nothing is known about that happened at the very beginning. Maybe the universe we do not know could live a long time without life. Nobody could feel that. It is possible that the first soul was born by chance. But soul acts on the present universe, unless it is other souls. In any case, our universe does not create life by chance. Otherwise, there should be no life in our universe.

What is certain is that souls take care of our universe. How can we exist other than by another universe? Indeed, research in biology shows that everything is organized in our body, without knowing why it is possible. For example, Luc Montagnier shows that some waves come from the coherent water. Where does this energy come from? We do not know it. That is certain is that souls allow such a complex life that we do not always fully understand it.

My Notes

Ask yourself why there is life and how it was born. This is a truth’s research.

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