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How does a Higher Idea Borns?
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Article published on 10 October 2018
last modification on 1 January 2021

by Matthieu Giroux

Finding an idea from two or three others seems supernatural. Indeed, our mind abandons the ideas causes of the higher idea. That is to say that our mind thinks, does not find an answer immediately, that our soul uses this, that it does not answer us immediately, not to give us too much power. Indeed, if our higher ideas were born just after making the links, then we should always be thinking, without ever being serene or calm.

Our soul commands us, that is, it answers to our wisdom. Weak minds understand the world of God, because God was weak at first, as everyone was. That’s why we are weak, by the physical that composes us. Our soul appeals to the God’s world, to satisfy our wisdom, our patience. Our soul answers to our spirit, when it sees that it is able to grow, by the higher hypothesis, that our soul carries.

After meditating, have you ever seen your mind going quickly after finding an idea? This is a superior hypothesis. Your soul changes your mind with the higher hypothesis. It will be about meditating again, so that the mind gets used to this idea.

Thus, the pupil asks his teacher for a superior hypothesis. But the pupil assimilates this hypothesis only if it is passionate about the ideas’ links given to the teacher. Thus the pupil will accept that the teacher says, within his nature’s limits.

But the soul sees further. She tells us that when we asked ourselves all the necessary questions. Indeed, how could it be otherwise? Thus the student will not necessarily have all the necessary questions in mind, so can not easily ask other questions. He will get lost in his master’s shortcuts. That is why the teacher must define, must know if the student has every questions, not to make it uncertain, but to do it one, so that his soul accepts the hypothesis really.

So a master, through our soul, gives us answer at the right time. So there is a world of perfect knowledge, a world that can answer to our questions. This world explains the multiverse theory. But in this world, there is little chance, since this world answers our questions. Thus, there are few worlds more imperfect than ours, apart from the material that composes them, since there is a perfect world that answers to us.

Thus test worlds exist, that is to say worlds where God has not dared to give answer to spirits, because too powerful, because too animal, seeing them too little grown. God should have known every life’s stages.
These other worlds seem numerous. So it seems that God can access it as easily as in ours, which seems to show that God does not know space, space that creates time with us, space seeming null in the God’s world, time seeming present in the world. God’s world, since God is also growing with the human.

God created the human to come with him, as Jesus said. That’s why God answers to our questions. He does not answer to our questions so that we are powerful, since we are not original, but so that we are as weak as a soul lost in the universe, power’s capable through linking, not with strength.

God has not been able to live materially, which is our strength, but also our weakness. God, however, wants the eternity of someone who has been material, which he did not know. But this requires weakness, to be equal to God. The link exists in God, therefore. It is even perfect, this link, because it gives us answer.

My Notes

Try to find the missing links in your mind, questioning your soul.

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