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Why To Pray?

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Saturday 22 September 2018 by Matthieu Giroux

To pray is to think about others, to get them well. Thus, praying allows us to become attached to others through the mind, in order to broaden our relationship with others. Indeed, our individuality is reinforced with others. Maybe you’re praying already, without knowing it. The point is to understand that the more you pray to others, the more you grow your spirit towards others.

We think about his family or his friends. We try to feel them us to put ourselves to their place, to better answer to their requests, to solve their problems as soon as they arise.

Some people think that praying is useless, that it is only a question of acting. Only we know how others react. So others know how we react. So praying allows us to get used to the difference of another soul, to better answer to him, in order to be satisfied and to satisfy him, so that each one will win, because that is possible.

To go further, as the human becomes stronger in society, praying allows to create a more fulfilling and to open individuality. Thus, the one who prays strengthens himself, with a better listening. Finally, meditation can touch the souls around us, to improve them.

My Notes

Pray while writing to your family or your friends.