Why a Mass ?
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Article published on 26 September 2018

by Matthieu Giroux

A mass is used for a religious community to meet the faithful. It is not a matter of praying, that is thinking about others or about God. Above all, it is about organizing religious life, in order to convince others that there is a future after death, that life serves God. It is therefore about finding optimism to love others, to give them this utopia, whose is that we believe, to solve problems as soon as they arrive. It is about forgetting material, to think about the minds of others, a spirit that is the culmination of life. It’s about planning events, finding out whom can help us loving others.

We use our mind to see a smile and meet other faithful, to organize the joy to be in society. Above all, it is about travelling, along with others, to the truth’s way, which leads us to understand God, or to that which gives faith. It is not about filling his lacks to satisfy himself alone, but to strengthen himself to understand others. It is therefore important to be happy, finding how to accomplish a mission, for himself and others.

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