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Links between Soul and Body

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Thursday 27 September 2018 by Matthieu Giroux

The world is organizing so the universe is organized. Whoever organizes our world uses the universe’s capacity that has made it possible to create the creator, in the immensity of the universe, of the universes. Thus the soul will be created by life, that is, the material’s organization.

But we say that the soul is related to the mind and the body. The soul answers our questions, if we are likely to accept them. Thus it seems impossible to create life, other than capturing a soul, a soul that we know, but which is not in our universe.

The soul acts with the minimum of energy. Luc Montagnier explains that microwaves come from the water to organize DNA. If we reproduce these microwaves with a suitable MP3 player, then DNA is recreated from the necessary chemical elements. Thus the little energy used consciously changes a being to make it grow, so to modify the world around him. Thus is born the mind, able to make decisions, to go even to be the God’s equal, when the human is in the truth, without necessarily that God had to act.

The soul is that makes the body grow, while adapting it to the material world. It seems that the Holy Spirit can help to grow souls, by the body too, so it sublimates a soul helping it. So it is possible that the world has grown through the Holy Spirit.

My Notes

Wondering how the soul can organize life.